Cross Stitch Designs and How-to’s, Snark Included

Little Stab Studios: Cross Stitch Designs and How-to’s from Japan, Snark Included

here i am stitching away, sitting next to a pillow I stitched as well.

Welcome to Stabbing

This is Little Stab Studios, a personal blog and cross stitch reference site I’ve been meaning on creating for the past few years lol. Please feel free to browse some of the free patterns I’ve shared here, works I’ve stitched, and some cross stitching information, both for general purpose and fun Japan-specific information. I’m also the owner of Little Stab Studios on Etsy, that’s where I list my more detailed designs so please check in from time to time!

Trying to Use MacStitch or WinStitch?

I love helping other learn how to improve their cross stitch design and finishing skills, so I also started a youtube channel. This is mostly dedicated to “how to use Macstitch or Winstitch” videos, but I also share some experiments I’ve made with finishing, and try to work on fun stitch related experiments I think would help others. If you are interested in Mac/Winstitch or seeing some of the other videos I’ve made, please check out my channel here:

Who am I?

In addition to cross-stitch, I like traveling (when it’s safe to do so!), and have been lucky to live and visit countries all over the world. While I’m based in Germany for the moment, I’ve lived in Japan, Mexico, the Netherlands, England, and multiple states from my home country, the US. I also enjoy spending time with my awesome kids, dog, and cat, usually my husband fits in there too! Together we often watch Netflix or read books in English or Japanese, and eat very weird food combos.

If you have a question about cross-stitching, if there’s something you’d like me to post about, etc. Please reach out via the about me page, at the email below, or on social media and I’ll try to get back to you as soon as I can. If you are interested in a custom pattern or test stitching that is awesome too!

You can reach me at [email protected] !




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